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StoryBook Theatre policies & information

Refund policy

All Theatre Tickets and Theatre School Programs are non-refundable.


All tickets and programming purchased with StoryBook Theatre are made with the understanding that StoryBook will make every effort possible to present the programming purchased in a live format which the purchaser can attend unless otherwise stated. 

Live presentations are subject to the federal, provincial and municipal controls in place for social gatherings.  StoryBook will uphold those regulations for the safety of its cast, crew, staff and patrons alike. 

when this occurs should a show be cancelled due to federal, provincial or municipal controls put in place.


Should a scheduled show/active program be cancelled for reasons beyond the control of StoryBook Theatre, including weather or provincial health restrictions there will be no exchange or refund. 


Should a scheduled show/active program be cancelled at the choice of StoryBook Theatre patrons will be given the option for exchange, credit, tax receipt or refund.

Exchanges & 
Unclaimed Tickets

If you cannot attend a performance IN-PERSON it is your responsibility to contact StoryBook no less than 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE PERFORMANCE TIME.  We are happy to accommodate changes to tickets provided there is space and availability and it is not within the 24 hour window. 


A $1 per ticket charge will be applied for each and every approved change.

All tickets not claimed 15 minutes prior to show time will be released for resale to the general public without compensation to the original purchaser.

No babes in arms

While we are a family theatre company we feel that the enjoyment of the whole audience is paramount and therefore humbly request no babes in arms and ask all patrons to please be conscious of our SHOW RATINGS and suggested ages of enjoyment on all our shows.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to bring along an infant and are willing to purchase a ticket for them, we ask you to please be considerate of the other patrons.  Should your infant be a distraction of any kind to you, our cast members on stage or any other patrons please remove yourself immediately and quietly. Please be advised of our RE-ENTRY POLICY.


Please be advised of our THEATRE RE-ENTRY POLICY, detailed at the bottom of this page.

Ticket pick-up

StoryBook does not mail out tickets, and tickets cannot be printed at home. 

Tickets are available for pickup from our Box Office beginning half an hour prior to showtime.


Tickets not picked up 15 minutes prior to a performance will be released for resale and no refund will be provided.  Should patrons arrive in that 15-minute window prior to opening the Front of House and  Box Office staff will do their best to accommodate patrons, however, seating is not guaranteed if tickets are not picked up 15 minutes prior to showtime.

Using Credit or
Gift Certificates

Credits may be used for all LIVE and In-Person Programming offered at StoryBook Theatre.

Gift Certificates may be used as noted on the Gift Certificate in Question.

Late arrival policy

StoryBook has a zero-tolerance policy for late arrivals.  THERE WILL BE NO LATE ADMITTANCE TO ANY OF OUR PRODUCTIONS out of respect for those patrons who have arrived on-time and the actors in performance.  If the doors to the theatre have been closed, this indicates the show has begun and there will be no admittance and no refund or exchanges made on the tickets.  

Subscriber exchange policy

Subscribers are able to change their show dates once per show (based on package) at no charge.  Any exchanges required beyond that will be subject to a $1 per ticket charge for each and every change.

Relaxed performances

​Relaxed performances are designed to welcome audience members who would benefit from a more relaxed environment, including those with sensory concerns, autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, dementia; parents with small babies; or anyone for whom the regular theatre experience can be challenging.  Visit the RELAXED PERFORMANCE section of our site.

Weekday performances & group tickets (20 or more)

​StoryBook offers weekday performances for school groups and patrons to attend.  These performances are added to the schedule once a school or large group has confirmed a booking.  Seating for these shows becomes available to the general public usually one month prior to show dates.  

All groups of 20 or more tickets are invited to contact our office for group rating at (403) 216-0808 ext.1

Visit the SCHOOL GROUP PERFORMANCE page to inquire about booking a large group or school

Group ticket purchases & refunds

Group Payments are expected in full at the time of booking although payment terms may be discussed.  No exchanges are offered on group bookings and all tickets are non-refundable.  Once a school group booking is made (10 am performances or those deemed "weekday Matinees") only 10% of the overall booking may be refunded up to two weeks prior to your attendance date. 

Ticket purchase correspondance

Once you have made a ticket purchase you will be contacted twice.

  1. Ticket Reminder (within one week prior to attendance).

  2. Show Review (within one week of attendance).

Re-entry policy (leaving during the show for restroom, infant, etc)

Should you leave during the show you WILL NOT be permitted back into the performance until the scheduled intermission or until the show is complete. This is out of courtesy for those patrons enjoying the show and the safety of the actors and set pieces that regularly use the entrance to access the stage.  Please read about the THEATRE RE-ENTRY

Theatre re-entry

Why so strict?

StoryBook Theatre does not allow re-entry to the theatre once a show has begun.  We can appreciate our younger audiences and their sometimes urgent need to use the restroom, unfortunately, we simply cannot allow re-entry for the following reasons.  We do encourage those who may find this policy hard to understand the opportunity to attend our RELAXED PERFORMANCES where this policy is removed and the factors preventing this policy from being removed entirely are mitigated.



Given that this is a theatre,  the lights could unexpectedly go out or change state when patrons are trying to exit or re-enter the theatre causing them to trip and fall hurting themselves or even someone else.



As the main entrance is used for actors to enter on and off the stage they are not expecting nor prepared for extra bodies to be coming through the doors.  Patrons could therefore easily collide with set pieces or other actors. This could not only injure the patron(s) but the actors or crew as well and the impact on the show could be detrimental as well as a large distraction for the other patrons.



Exiting or entering means walking across the stage.  This in and of itself is a HUGE distraction to all the other patrons, actors and crew. Whether it is to use the restroom or arriving late no matter how quickly or efficiently one thinks they are being they are causing a distraction.


While we can appreciate that many people would not abuse the privilege and would do their due diligence to be respectful in these emergencies we do have to make sure that the safety for all is paramount without disrupting the show. StoryBook places its focus on those patrons who came to enjoy the show and encourage families to consider the suggested RATINGS for all our shows.


We know this policy may not work everywhere but given the options, we have with our space we feel this is the most appropriate and safest option for both our patrons and volunteers working on our shows.


Should you have any concerns please feel free to contact us.

Re-entry Policy
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