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About StoryBook's show ratings.

All our shows are rated for the viewing discretion of the adults attending the shows.  These ratings are based on what StoryBook Theatre feels is the most appropriate determination.  This by no means is meant as a standard for all families as we recognize each parenting style is unique and what may be deemed appropriate for one family may not be the same for another.  Please use your own discretion when purchasing tickets to our shows and understand that our ratings are simply suggestions. 

Scripts are always available upon request, should a parent wish to review a show at anytime.


 If you have any questions or concerns regarding a show that is rated a certain way please feel free to contact our offices for specifics and clarification at 403-216-0808 or


This rating means a show is suitable for all ages.  This DOES NOT mean a show is geared only towards the 3 year old demographic as all our shows are intended for the whole family.


This rating means a show is suitable for those ages 6 and up. There are a few of factors considered in this rating. The primary factor is show length and a child's ability to stay focused and not disrupt the other patrons in attendance.

RATED PG - AGES 8+, 10+, 12+

These rating means a show is more suited towards those ages 8, 10, 12 and up as show themes and content may be more suitable to that age range.


This warning is only used when show content may require parents to research the show a little further before making the decision to attend. This DOES NOT mean that there will be inappropriate language; it is intended to warn parents that content may be inappropriate for sensitive children.  Typically this rating means there would be content or language that could be deemed inappropriate for a TYA production. Unfortunately due to copyright and licensing issues, these items cannot be changed, so, for this reason, remain part of the production.

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