We take the safety of our volunteers with SBT very seriously and while we can't work the way we used to, we certainly can offer opportunities to our community in safe new ways.

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When volunteering for any of our call outs you can expect the following:

  1. Masks/Shields to be worn at all times

  2. Enter through the designated entrance on the signup form.

  3. Your temperature will be checked upon arrival.  If you are above the allowable temperature you will be asked to wait 15 minutes to try again.  If at that time you are still not within the allowable range you will not be allowed admittance.

  4. You must answer in the negative to all AHS checklist questions relating to COVID, Symptoms, Travel and exposure.

  5. If you have any symptoms you are legally NOT allowed to attend.

  6. You must sign in to our guest book for granting tracking purposes and contact tracing.

  7. You must sanitize both the space and items you will come into contact with while volunteering and your hands regularly.

  8. You are in control of your personal space and may respectively ask others to keep their distance to maintain your level of comfort.

  9. You must adhere to the StoryBook Code of Conduct found here.

We appreciate all your support and will continue to offer safe opportunities for the whole family.