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Apply to work with one of Canada's largest Theatre for Young Audiences. 

StoryBook believes that inclusivity and diversity are integral to the stories we tell both on and off our stage and want an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work. We encourage people of all ages, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, and ethnicity to apply.


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Voice Coach

As early as February 5. Exact term to be determined. 


StoryBook Theatre is currently seeking Voice Coaches for our Winter and Spring Theatre School programs. We are looking for experienced professionals to guide students ages 10-adult in Musical Theatre programming.


StoryBook believes that inclusivity and diversity are integral to the stories we tell both on and off our stage and seek to create an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work. We encourage people of all ages, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, and ethnicity to apply for this position.


This position is being made possible through a Canada Summer Jobs Grant and therefore we are seeking applicants aged 18 to 30 for this role. We are not limited by this, but stronger consideration will be made for those candidates that meet this age criteria for this grant



Instructors will be accountable to the Theatre School Coordinator and will work closely with teaching assistants and other production team members. Duties include:

  • Teach students appropriate lessons and content for their age and skill levels

  • Create and submit lesson plans incorporating a given curriculum

  • Teaching students appropriate music, conducting ensembles, teaching students healthy vocal production and musicality

  • Other duties as required


The ideal candidates would possess many, if not all, of the qualifications listed below.  StoryBook is a learning environment and is looking for a candidate willing to grow into the role with a base understanding of its demands and skills required.​

  • Minimum of two years of relevant university level education, or equivalent professional experience

  • Strong instructional and classroom management skills 

  • High level of personal organization and planning 

  • Strong interpersonal skills 

  • Must work well in a team setting

  • Basic First Aid is an asset

Ultimately StoryBook is seeking a person who fits in with the organizational mandate and is keen and passionate about the work we do.  A candidate who possesses the following attributes would be seen as a huge asset beyond their list of qualifications.


  • Loves live performance and has an appreciation of the importance of theatre in society/for families

  • Reflects an optimistic and positive attitude with organizational loyalty

  • Has the ability to work autonomously and in a team with attention to discretion and sensitivity to work involving confidential information.

  • Is a self-motivational work style that can be resilient under the changing conditions of COVID

  • Has a genuine commitment to contribute to an internal culture that values people and provides an opportunity for everyone to flourish.

  • Has the personal stature to inspire the organization, the Board, and the stakeholders by representing the Theatre with integrity.

  • Is dedicated to the principles of equal opportunity, cultural diversity, and broadening access to the arts.

  • Is a pragmatic and effective problem-solver.

This is a seasonal contract position. Exact term to be determined. 


Our teachers are contracted for each session and program individually at an hourly rate of $22/hr. 

Submission Deadline - Friday, November 5, 2021

Questions relating to this job posting may be directed to


StoryBook Theatre (SBT) is Canada's largest volunteer-driven Theatres for Young Audiences and families. In our almost 45 years of serving Calgary, we have fostered the love and passion for theatre arts in over one million people. Each season we bring together some of the industry's brightest emerging talents both on and off the stage to create incredibly accessible theatre for the whole family. We bring stories to life in a way that encourages children and their families to dream about who they are and may become, to explore the story from different perspectives, to think using inductive reasoning, and to connect to other people and ideas.  StoryBook’s mission celebrates the power of theatre to inspire children and their families to dream, explore, think, and connect through high-caliber accessible, and diverse family theatre programming.  


We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those advancing in the process will be contacted.

Production Team Members

StoryBook is proud to engage emerging and professional artists as part of our productions.   This important dynamic provides an "on-the-job" learning experience for those looking to make theatre career to those who already are.  Within the production environment, there are many different roles that require different levels of experience.There are a variety of roles included on productions from volunteer to paid positions.   

No matter your skillset there are plenty of different options to consider.


For those who are just starting out whether you are 16 or 60 and you want to try your hand at theatre arts we are happy to take you on in a volunteer capacity and support you in your growth and learning.  Our volunteers will find themselves working alongside emerging and professional artists as we work towards the successful execution of our productions.  Roles in this capacity would include:

Assistant Stage Managers


Lighting/Sound Operator

Spot Operator

Departments Assistants (Wardrobe, Makeup, Hair, Set, Lighting, Tech, etc)


We offer a variety of production-related contracts depending on personal experience, education and the role one may take on within any given production.  All artists are paid under contract for the work.  The following are the current contracts available for the 2021 Season with an estimated contract fee.  Fees are continually assessed based on granting support, artists' skillset and production demands.

Choreographers - est. $3000.00

Musical Directors - est. $3000.00

Theatre Technician - est. $1800.00

Asst. Stage Managers - est. $1800.00

Sound Tech - est $1250.00

Stage Managers - est. $4500.00
Lighting Designers - est. $2500.00
Set Designers - est. $2500.00

Costume Designers - est. $2500.00

If you have inquiries or questions relating to roles and compensation, please email them to