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In-Person Programming.
What does this mean?

StoryBook Theatre is excited to offer in-person sessions of theatre programming! We feel that we are able to offer our programming safely and confidently to all our students.

It is important to note that all guardians will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, Release and Indemnification prior to the commencement of all our in-person programming.  StoryBook Theatre will take all necessary precautions to protect all our attendees but we cannot assume risk and liability for the choice to participate.

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All mandated restrictions, including the use of masks, will be adhered to under the guidance of AHS as found on their website. We still suggest and invite students to wear masks if they choose.

Masks WILL NOT be worn during the final performance.

More detailed information about StoryBook Theatre's COVID-19 Policies and Safety Practices can be found HERE. 

A reminder of the Alberta Health mandate regarding anyone showing any of the following symptoms must adhere to isolation rulings based on AHS guidance.  

Your child is not welcome to attend programming should they present any of these symptoms or you or your child answer in the affirmative to any of the standard COVID19 screening test questions found here.

DROP OFF - Front of Building


Please arrive on time but no sooner than 10 minutes prior to class. 

The lobby doors will be closed until that time and will be locked 5 minutes after the start of class.  The Beddington Theatre Arts Centre is NOT open to the public at this time and will therefore not be accessible for use or for anyone wishing to hang out and wait for their child.

Everyone entering the building MUST adhere to masking regualtions or will not be permitted entry.  Refusal to do so will result in your student being removed from the program without exception.

The bathrooms will not be available for parent/guardians or sibling use and may only be accessed by students in the classroom


Parents will be asked to confirm their student's name.  Over the course of the program, this should become quite quick and easy and not be required, but on day one it will be appreciated.


The temperature of all students will be checked. The temperature must be between 35.5 degrees to 37.5 degrees.


Any student with a temperature below or above the safe parameters will be asked to go outside and return in 15 minutes to be checked again.  If at that time they are still not within the safe parameters, they will be asked to return home. ​


All students will then be asked to sanitize upon entry and regularly throughout the day.  There will be three bathrooms in use to help facilitate social distancing upon entry.  We encourage parents/guardians to share this video with their students.


Parents will then be asked to follow the signs to exit the facility.  A reminder that the facility is closed and no parent will be able to remain on-site for the duration of the classroom.


Once arriving in class the students will go over all necessary safety protocols as they relate to their program including sanitization of chairs, shared supplies and space should it be a part of the teaching plan.

Masks will be required based on current AHS regulations or at the discretion of the StoryBook Theatre.

Should students touch or come in contact with one another hand sanitizer will be available in multiple positions in the classroom and students will be encouraged to use it.

If any parents/guardians have any questions or concerns as they relate to the class and our COVID19 protocols please do not hesitate to reach out to us at  Please be sure to include your student's program so we can be sure to address the concern immediately.

Most importantly, we are all learning this together.  We ask you for patience and support.  We are most open to feedback especially as it relates to our ability to protect everyone and welcome it in order to learn and grow.


Students are asked to pack a peanut-free lunch/snack in accordance with their program schedule.

Full day Programs - 1 Lunch, 2 Snacks, Refillable Water Bottle*
Short Classes - 1 Snack & Refillable Water Bottle*

The water fountain will not be accessible for drinking from, but we will have access to taps to refill the drinks.

The vending machine is closed and will not be available to students.


Students should come in appropriate attire that allows them to move easily and run.  We recommend a pair of running shoes and athletic wear like track suits, t-shirts or yoga wear.


At the end of class, students will be brought to wash their hands again and line up in the lobby for departure.


Pick up will take place at the FRONT ENTRANCE to the lobby. 


The students will be lined up in the lobby and escorted to the exit.

Parents can remain at their vehicles or stand in the parking lot but will not be permitted entrance.

Please wave or gesture to the teacher that you see your child that way acknowledging they are you with you and allowing the teacher to connect.

In order to keep everyone safe, we would ask for any correspondence required to happen via email rather than waiting to talk to the teacher at the end of the class.  That email again is

NOTE:  Should weather prohibit this plan an alternative will be presented that day on drop off.

PLEASE DRIVE WITH CAUTION in the parking lot.