A new way to enjoy our programming

How do I watch a show online?

This has been the question on our minds since we made the decision to move forward with our season.  We know how to create live theatre, but how do we create theatre online?   We have worked really hard to bring this to life and we are pleased to tell you we have worked with our licensing companies to ensure our ability to present quality programming to our dedicated audience.

You have a ticket - what's next?

When a show is confirmed to be presented as STREAMING ONLINE it means your ticket has converted from your regularly paid seat to an online voucher which will gain you access to our production streamed online at the same date and time in which you purchased a ticket for.

How will I know where to watch it online?
As is usually the case, we will send a ticket reminder within the week prior to your performance.  In that email will be the complete instructions on how to watch your show. 


What if I need help?

To make things even easier for you, our box office staff will be LIVE on an open ZOOM call to help walk you through any issues you may have.  You will get the face to face service you will need without the hassle of trying to phone us.  The link to the Zoom call will also be provided in the reminder email.

We know that as the season moves on there will be more questions and answers required and we will continue to update this page to keep your information clear and comprehensive.

We know that streaming is not the ideal way to present theatre, but we are excited to experiment in continuing to bring quality entertainment to all our patrons.

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