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A new way to enjoy our programming


Streaming codes are sent out each Monday for the current Tuesday to Sunday shows.  For tickets purchased for shows within the current week, those codes will be sent up to one hour prior to showtime.  If you do not have your code 1 hour prior to showtime please call the box office at 403-216-0808 x1 and they will get you taken care of.

How do I watch a show online?

This has been the question on our minds since we made the decision to move forward with our season.  We know how to create live theatre, but how do we create theatre online?   We have worked really hard to bring this to life and we are pleased to tell you we have worked with our licensing companies to ensure our ability to present quality programming to our dedicated audience.

There will be two ways in which you can watch our shows online this year.


NOTE - Not all shows will present both options.
  Credits on file MAY NOT be used for streaming ticket options.


This ticket option allows you to pick a date and time to watch the show - much like you were attending in person. 


Once you have purchased your scheduled streaming show (a ticket with a date and time attached to it) the following three steps will take place.


One week prior to your show you can expect an email from StoryBook Theatre.  This email will remind you of your ticket purchase and let you know to expect an email from SHOWTIX4U, the streaming service we are required to use to distribute our online presentation.


When your purchase was will determine when you receive your ticket voucher/code for streaming.  This email will include all the details on how to watch your live-streamed event including the LINK(S) TO WATCH THE SHOW.   It will also include a link to a ticket(s) you can download which also gives you access information for you to watch the show.  A sample of this email and ticket can be found below. 


1 HOUR PRIOR  If you purchased your ticket within one week from the scheduled performance including the performance day you will only see your ticket voucher/code in an email up to one hour prior to your scheduled performance from SHOWTIX4U.

24 HOURS PRIOR  - If you purchased your ticket outside one week from the performance you should see your ticket voucher/code in an email up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled performance from SHOWTIX4U.


NOTE: The pricing that will appear on the first page of your ticket is in US Dollars.


Click the link and watch the show.   You can log in as early as one hour prior to the performance.  Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions below.


This option is more like the "Netflix" of the streaming world where you can purchase the link and then watch it whenever you want. 

Once you have purchased your On-Demand Ticket an email will be sent within 24 hours from SHOWTIX4U.  This email will include all the details on how to watch your on-demand event including the LINK(S) TO WATCH THE SHOW.   It will also include the ticket(s) you can download which also gives you access information for you to watch the show.  You will have 48 hours from the moment you press the link to watch the production in full, so be sure not to press the link until you are ready to watch the show.  The link will be active until 48 hours after the scheduled "closing date" of the production.

NOTE: The pricing that will appear on the first page of your ticket is in US Dollars.


When can I access the stream?
Scheduled Stream - Access to the stream will be available one hour prior to the scheduled start time.

On-Demand - Access will be permitted at any time after the date each particular show goes live for on-demand streaming

Do I have to arrive on time?

The scheduled stream will go live right at the scheduled time,  If you arrive late you will miss the start of the show. It is best to treat this as though you are attending the theatre live and in-person.  


What if I purchased multiple tickets?

For those who purchased multiple tickets in the event we were able to present live - thank you.  You have the option to convert tickets to credits towards future productions or you can share your purchase with others.  You will receive one streaming code per ticket which can be used on any device in North America.  If you wish to exchange for credit or for an alternate date you must do so 2 hours prior to your scheduled showtime, just like a regular theatre ticket with StoryBook.

Can I share my ticket code with others?

We would not recommend this as these are one stream only uses.  This means that the code will only work on one device at a time.  Therefore if you share your code and the person you shared it with logs in, you will be kicked out and vice-vera.  You can however move from one device to another using the same access code.  ie. you decide to move from your mobile device to your laptop, etc.

Can I pause or rewind?

Scheduled Stream - with this ticket type you cannot pause or rewind. It is best to treat this as though you are attending the theatre live and in-person.

On-Demand - with this ticket type you can pause or rewind but are only able to watch the show once in a 48-hour span.  


Will there be an intermission?
There will be a 5-minute Intermission for our schedule stream shows.  The last-minute will countdown until Act Two commences.   The on-demand version will have a 1-minute place holder.

Can I Airplay or Cast the stream?
You can Airplay or Cast the stream to a television using the following instructions.  Please note StoryBook & SHOWTIX4U are not responsible for the use of this service or loss of connection due to its use.  Please log on early to determine it's effectiveness for your home setup.

What if I lose the internet connection?

Unfortunately StoryBook and SHOWTIX4U take no responsibility for your ability to connect to the internet and the speed in which you can connect.  This system is like any other streaming service and the reliability is based on your home/mobile setup.

What if I need help before the show starts?

The StoryBook Box Office will be open one hour prior to the show start time.  You are invited to call them at 403-216-0808 ext 1 if you are experiencing any difficulty connecting.  If we are experiencing any technical issues we will post to our social media pages to let our users know.  You can also email the box office at with your name and phone number and they will call you back.

My email for SHOWTIX4U says "If you wish to get a refund for your entire transaction.."  Can I get a refund?
Your actual ticket purchase was made with StoryBook Theatre.  SHOWTIX4U is an intermediary for our streaming service and all of the regular StoryBook Theatre policies still apply, including NO REFUNDS.

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Sample Email
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Sample Ticket