In-Person Rehearsals​.
What does this mean?

We are very excited to move into the production of our show and work within the parameters as set forth by Alberta Health Services STAGE 2 protocols


Ultimately we are working toward becoming a COHORT.  Please review this document and gain a full understanding of what it will mean to become a COHORT at our first rehearsal in August.  While we would like to do this now we feel that asking 50 people to become a cohort for the next five weeks would prove difficult to manage and maintain.  Instead, we ask everyone to assume and act as though they are in a cohort so that when the time comes the change can be quickly implemented and practices with confidence.


Everyone participating and guardians of any minors will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, Release and Indemnification which can be found HERE.  Without this waiver, students MAY NOT participate in person.

PHASE 1 - JULY 13 to 30, 2020
  • 50 people maximum: indoor social gatherings

  • Masks required at all times

  • There will be no socializing or fraternizing while at the rehearsal space

  • No in-person rehearsal will have more than 22 students in the room at one time

  • If you are not feeling well or have been exposed to someone who is not well we ask that you DO NOT attend in-person rehearsals and instead take part via Zoom.


  • Everyone is required to ENTER THROUGH GREEN ROOM entrance and asked to keep 6ft/2m apart while waiting for entry.  Please use floor markings to accurately measure distance.  When waiting outside, the cracks in the sidewalk serve as a good indication of appropriate distance.

  • TEMPERATURE CHECK – as students arrive their temperature will be checked and must be between 35.5 degrees to 37.5 degrees. Any student with a temperature below or above the safe parameters will be asked to go outside and return in 15 minutes to be checked again.  If at that time they are still not within the safe parameters, they will be asked to return home.  Students failing their temperature check twice in a row will be required to get a BOOK A TEST with AHS and will not be permitted re-entry to the program until they have a negative test with written confirmation.

  • COMPLETE THE DAILY CHECKLIST – every student will be required to complete the AHS Daily Checklist.  Students must be able to answer truthfully in the negative to all the questions asked in order to be permitted.

  • WASH HANDS, SCRIPT & PHONES – students will then wait in a socially distanced formation to use the backstage washrooms and kitchen to wash their hands with soap. While waiting they will wipe down their cell phones and scripts.  Using the restroom at this time would be advised to limit the back and forth throughout rehearsal.

  • COLLECT SHIELD RAG - to keep your shield clean

  • COLLECT FACE SHIELDS – students will then move to the Stage Right wing where they will collect their assigned face shield.

  • CHOOSE WRIST BAND – each student and team member will be assigned two wristbands symbolizing their own personal comfort level with the safety measures or their own feelings that day in particular.  Students will wear the wrist band to assist others in being aware of their space and comfort within it.

    • YELLOW BAND – Heightened Concern & Attention to Safety

    • ORANGE BAND – Casual Concern & Attention to Safety



  • ALL CHOREOGRPAHY will take place via ZOOM and will continue to be recorded


  • All STAGING REHEARSALS will take place in Studio 3.

  • ENTER THE THEATRE - entering through the upstage right Theatre door students will walk on the black floor area and exit out the main theatre doors doing their best to avoid coming in contact with other students.   Students will then move to Studio 3 and using their best judgement to maintain 6ft/2m distance from one another.  Studio 3 has a sink with running water along with soap and paper towels.  Hand sanitizer is also readily available within the space.  Once in the space students will be asked to maintain their personal space as well as their own hygiene and care.

  • MASKS – students are required to keep their masks on while in the rehearsal room at all times and may choose between their shield or mask for any acting scenes rehearsed.

  • FACE SHIELDS – students are required to have their face shields on at any time they are going to be lip-syncing or in close proximity to other actors.

  • PROPS/SET PIECES - prior to the use of any props or set pieces (chairs or tables) they will be sanitized by the stage management team.  Students will also be required to wash their hands before and after touching any items.

  • SINGING -Singing of ANY KIND is not acceptable nor will it be tolerated in the staging room.  Please refrain from the practice of singing for the safety of everyone when in the staging room.


  • All SINGING REHEARSALS will take place in the Theatre

  • ENTER THE THEATRE - entering through the Upstage Right Theatre door students will walk on black floor areas to their assigned seating locations.   Assignments will be found on Trello prior to each rehearsal.  Each square on the theatre floor is 2m/6ftx2m/2ft with a 1.5ft' path on either side.  If a square is not being used by a student it may be used to cross the theatre space maintain social distance and NOT when singing is taking place.  Otherwise, students may only move about the theatre space on the black painted floor, again, only when no one is singing.  Each square will have a chair, a music stand and a bottle of hand sanitizer.  Once in their square, students will be asked to maintain their personal space as well as their own hygiene and care.

  • MASKS – students are required to keep their masks on while in the rehearsal room at all times

  • FACE SHIELDS – all students in the space are required to have their face shield AND facemask on at any time they are going to be singing without exception.

  • SINGING - Singing is a high-risk activity because infected people can transmit the virus through their saliva or respiratory droplets.  Everyone must sing facing away from others around them in a direct line of vocal projection and must stay in their seat while singing at all times within their designated area. 

    Please note:  There is no evidence to determine exactly what a safe distance would be between singers and others, but greater distances can reduce risk.  Maintain distance at all times we are singing and when possible sing away from other students in the room. 


  • SANITIZE STATION – students will be provided with a bleach/water combination to wipe down their stations with a rag provided on each stand at the start of rehearsal.

  • SANITIZE FACE SHIELDS – students will wipe down their face shields with a different rag and sanitize and Windex accordingly.  Face Shields will then be hung on the portable unit as students exit avoiding contact with other shields.  These will remain in isolation until the next rehearsal.

  • WRIST BANDS - can be then put in student scripts for use at the next rehearsal.

  • STUDIO 3 – Students in Studio 3 will exit out the back entrance in the west end of the facility.

  • THEATRE – Students in the Theatre at the end of the evening will exit out the Stage Left exit of the facility.

  • POST REHEARSAL - Students are strongly encouraged not to fraternize post-rehearsal or if they do they must maintain social distancing measures and protections.


  • BREAKS - While in the facility students will be reminded to maintain social distance and to respect the boundaries set by their peers and AHS.  Socializing on breaks will be acceptable provided boundaries are met.

  • MEALS – On our longer days students are invited to bring a bagged lunch.  If a student leaves to go get lunch they will be required to go through the screening process again.  Everyone will be required to sanitize pre and post meal times.

  • TRAVEL -  We appreciate that students may choose to carpool.  Anything outside of the facility is at the discretion of the individuals involved.  If a minor student is in consideration we would suggest written consent from both parties on their willingness to travel together and strongly suggest masks and extra sanitization while carpooling.


On July 28, 29 & 30 we will be recording the tracks for our production.  This is a LIVE Rehearsal and requires students in attendance.  As we cannot sing for our produciton we will instead lip-sync to the tracks we create with the students when making our final videos.  These recording dates become very important to our final product.  These recording days will be long and staggered and closer to the date we will set an exact schedule. 


Recording booths will be set up on these dates with students in complete isolation from other students and the group.  All equipment in the studio space will be sanitized pre and post-recording of each student.

We will limit students called at one time to the smallest groupings possible and will have a complete schedule closer to the recording date.

PHASE 2 - AUGUST 3 to 18, 2020


Effective August 3 we are a Cohort.   The key information we need you to be aware of:

  • Belong to only one core cohort

  • Limit interactions with people outside the core cohort 

  • When interacting with people outside the core cohort, do it safely, in ways that keep risks low. Maintain a distance of 2 metres or wear a mask when closer than 2 metres with others. 

  • Please read through this document to understand the term and the impact on not only the student but the family cohort as well.


From August 4 to 18 we will be filming our production including costumes, props, lighting and set pieces.  As noted in the initial commitment there could be no absences between August 3 and the end of the program.  These will be long days and we ask students to come prepared.


As we move into the cohort we have determined the following safety protocols will be in practice:

  • TEMPERATURE CHECK – as the cohort arrives their temperature will be checked and must be between 35.5 degrees to 37.5 degrees. Any student with a temperature below or above the safe parameters will be asked to go outside and return in 15 minutes to be checked again.  If at that time they are still not within the safe parameters, they will be asked to return home. ​

  • COMPLETE THE DAILY CHECKLIST – upon arrival all members of the cohort will be required to complete the AHS Daily Checklist.  Each member must be able to answer truthfully in the negative to all the questions asked in order to be permitted.

Anyone unable to answer in the negative to any of the Daily Checklist answers will be required to not attend filming and get tested for COVID-19 within 12 hours and confirm date and time of their testing as well as follow guidelines as set for by AHS.  Test results must be communicated to the production team lead (producer or stage manager) immediately. 

NEGATIVE TEST RESULTS - member will be permitted to resume filming

POSITIVE TEST RESULTS - production will shut down immediately.  The entire cohort MUST self-isolate for the mandatory 10 days and must be tested within 12 hours of notification and confirm date and time of their testing.  Production may only resume 14 days after shutting down at the sole discretion of the producer and consultation with the production team.

  • WASH HANDS, SCRIPT & PHONES – upon arrival all cohort members MUST wash their hands and sanitize personal devices
  • HAND SANITIZER & CLEANING PRODUCTS - hand sanitizer and approved cleaning products will be distributed around the facility for use by everyone regularly.

  • SANITIZATION - all cohort members are expected to sanitize anywhere they touch or use regularly.  This includes counters, tables, chairs, dressing rooms and even restrooms.

  • PROP & SET PIECES - all cohort members must be sure to sanitize all props and set pieces before and after use

  • TOUCHING - while touching is still strongly discouraged it may be required in the filming process.  A production assistant will be on-site for all planned touching and provide sanitizer to anyone who is touching or being touched.

  • MASKS - masks are encouraged to be used in smaller spaces and in some locations they will be mandatory including - green room, kitchen, hallway & dressing rooms.  Cohort members are welcome to wear masks for their own comfort as much as they would like but masks will not be worn during filming.

  • BREAKS & MEALS - cohort members are encouraged to sit in their own designated areas to take breaks and meals and respect physical distancing measures.  If the weather is cooperating meals are encouraged to be outdoors where social distancing measures can be practiced.

  • TEAM STATIONS - all team members are designated areas for work.  These stations may not be used by other members of the cohort for any reason.  This includes chairs, tables and devices.

​All Support Materials from AHS can be found HERE

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