Student Summer Intensive 
Program Overview​

Since its creation, in the summer of 2014, the Student Summer Intensive Program has seen more than 300 students work through a summer of intense musical theatre training.  The program offers students with an interest in the performing arts a chance to learn and grow as both artists and community leaders along-side some of Calgary's leading musical theatre professionals and at times with even some of Broadway personalities. This is an 11+ week program which includes over 300 hours of training both on and off the stage. Through the program, students come to hone their talents, while working through all the facets of producing a full-scale show.


Each year a show is selected by our team of professionals in order to specifically focus on key elements of musical theatre. The program offers singing, dancing and acting masterclasses for everyone and engages the entire cast regardless of the role they play.  This season the team has selected Spring Awakening by Steven Sater and  Duncan Shiek, based upon the play by Frank Wedkind.


From the very first day, the students work together on a level playing field, prior to any roles being cast, which allows them to make friendships and create a safe space to explore their craft. There is no room for ego or negativity, each of the students are given the chance to shine, to support and to grow together.

We look forward to engaging with our next generation of musical theatre artists!

Our Mission

Our mission is provide young performers with the opportunity to encounter pivotal works in the music theatre canon. We facilitate this encounter through intensive skill building in voice, dance and acting, through full scale performance of these works, and engagement in the issues and questions raised by the content and performance of each work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a professional caliber atmosphere wherein students can train, grow, and be challenged. We encourage them to respect themselves, and their colleagues while striving for excellence in the three disciplines crucial to music theatre performance. 

Program Values

Our first priority is creating an atmosphere where students learn to become good colleagues. Respect for oneself and one’s colleagues is of utmost importance. 


We include exercises in team-building and respect in our training, and require each student, regardless of their role, to be inclusive.

We recognize that confidence is an important part of having a positive encounter with theatrical performance, and that there is a wide range of training and previous experience that our students bring with them. 


We cast our shows based on where we think each student can be successful, given their background and readiness, and have maximum growth.


We choose repertoire that students may not have the opportunity to perform elsewhere in their careers, and that provides as many students as possible the opportunity to be involved.

We engage the students in discussions of challenging themes and issues surrounding the composition and production of each work. We create a safe atmosphere for students to ask questions, to explore how the themes of the show impact them, and how to address challenging issues in a theatrical context.

We market and produce the SSIP shows with the same calibre of production values as StoryBook’s main season shows to provide students with the invaluable opportunity of practicing their fledgling skills in front of appreciative audiences.

What our students are saying...

"The truest thing I’ve learned through the program is to trust my instincts."

"No matter how hard you work there’s always someone who works harder than you. You never know it all, you'll always learn something and from someone."

"This program is perfect for students who love theatre and want to determine if this is a potential career for them."

"The experience is truly life-changing."

"The love and life I have found in these friendships are profound and outstanding, they have left the biggest most beautiful mark on my heart."

"I am so proud to watch the program grow and improve each year, allowing me to learn and grow more and more every year."

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