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StoryBook Theatre is excited to bring our Season 44, on the growing edge to our audiences with a wonderful assortment of shows for all ages.   


We made the bold decision to move forward knowing that there was a good chance that our season would likely not happen in person.  With the pandemic and its limitations still, present for the foreseeable future we know now that in-person programming will be an unrealized hope until things change. Therefore on October 1 we made the decision to continue to offer the rest of our season in an online format.

In the coming months, we will continue to evaluate our ability to present our shows in person but we are committed to presenting the rest of our season in an online capacity for all to enjoy.

This year we have planned a series of shows the will push our heroes and audiences to their growing edge, a fitting theme for our new world.  We are thrilled with our line up and we hope you are too!

HEALTH & SAFETY NOTICE - StoryBook takes the safety of our cast and crew very seriously and worked closely with Alberta Health Services to create this show and became Theatre Cohort for the filming of this process.  Read more about our process here

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december 12 to january 17 



march 6




april 9 to 25




may 7 to
june 5



2020/21 PRICING

Due to the continuation of COVID19 and the restrictions in place we have made the decision to offer our remaining season in an online format until further notice. 

Should the restrictions placed on live presentations change in the coming months we will update our planning accordingly.


In order to view our productions, you will require one Online Presentation Ticket per device.


$32.00 per viewing code
All pricing subject to GST

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I am a subscriber - what does this mean?

Thank you for your dedication to our organization and our commitment to present theatre this year.  We know that things are not what we hoped they would be, but we appreciate your support as we navigate the present and future of our limitations in presenting.

As a subscriber, you were afforded the following perks and incentives when making your commitment to us this season. 


As a subscriber, you received access to all the tickets before the general public.  And this year this is a very important perk as we only released 25% of our seating capacity for all our shows.  Seating capacities will only increase once municipal regulations allow for it.  We hope that our spring shows will in some way be in person.  Your chose season will remain yours for those productions pending our ability to present live.  NO ONE ELSE has been given this option at this time.


As a subscriber, you paid one flat fee for all your tickets regardless of show length or age of attendees.  If a show were to be presented in person the rest of the general audience would pay based on show length and age.  With those shows presented online, you received $4.50 off each and every ticket you purchased and will receive this same discount on future equivalent ticket purchases​.


As a subscriber, you were invited to take advantage of our payment plan which allowed your subscription payments to be spread out over 2 equal payments.


You are invited to exchange your seating up to once per production for a total of four times at no additional cost.

All patrons must have a ticket. No babes in arms. All shows are assigned seating.

Do you have more questions ?
- visit our FAQ Page to find your answers.

Please refer to our POLICIES for more information.

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