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StoryBook is excited to bring Season 44, on the growing edge to our audiences with a wonderful assortment of shows for all ages.   


We have made the bold decision to move forward as if our programming were to happen under the current social distancing measures. The safety of our community as a whole is important and we plan to embrace the current regulations rather than hide from them.  Please read "How We Plan to Present Theatre This Year" below.

This year we have planned a series of shows the will push our heroes and audiences to their growing edge, a fitting theme for our new world.

July 13 - Subscription Renewals
August 4 - New Subscriptions
August 31 - Single Tickets on sale

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october 16 to november 7



november 20 to january 2 



february 12 to march 13



april 9 to 25




may 7 to
june 5




This is the perfect way to show what StoryBook means to you.

We have an incredible season of productions ready to offer you, our dedicated patrons! If you are intending to see more than one show this season, a subscription is a great value for you and your family!

In order to become a SUBSCRIBER, you must select a minimum of 4 regular season shows (not including fundraisers). 

StoryBook also offers a multi-payment plan for those wishing to spread out the payment process for a minimal fee.



$20 child, $25 adult per show

$24 child,  $29 adult per show

July 13 - Subscription Renewals

August 4 - New Subscriptions

Why become a subscriber?


As a subscriber you get access to all the tickets up to two months before the general public.  And this year this is a very important perk as we are only releasing 25% of our seating capacity for all our shows.  Seating capacities will only increase once municipal regulations allow for it.


As a subscriber you receive $3 off each and every ticket you purchase, even tickets you add to your order later in the season.


As a subscriber you are invited to take advantage of our payment plan which will allow your subscription payments to be spread out over 3 equal payments.


You are invited to exchange your seating up to once per production for a total of four times at no additional cost.

All patrons must have a ticket. No babes in arms. All shows are assigned seating.

Please refer to our PERFORMANCE POLICIES for more information.

2020/21 PRICING

$23 child, $28 adult

$27 child,  $32 adult

All pricing subject to GST

All patrons, including children under the age of 3 are required to purchase a ticket.  As our lowest rating is 3+ we do not suggest the attendance of younger children but understand there may be times when it is unavoidable.  Please see our NO BABES IN ARMS policy.

View our ticketing POLICIES

How we plan to present theatre this year.

Let us start by saying that the safety of our cast, crew, volunteers, patrons and community is paramount and our plan to move forward will always adhere to the regulations set forth by the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

We also know it is time to start moving forward and rather than hide from the current regulations we have made the choice to embrace them.  We know this could mean that we will not be presenting our shows to a live theatre audience,  we are also excited by the potential this challenge presents.  Should we not be able to present our show in person, we are in the process of preparing measures to stream all our programming exclusively to our ticket holders online.  This plan will ensure that everyone will still receive a wonderful production by an incredible community of artists allowing us to continue to engage with our community.

Please know that it is our hope that at some time in the coming months we will be able to see an audience of some shape and size join us LIVE for our productions like they used to.  As the provincial and municipal guidelines for public gatherings and socialization shift and adjust, we are ready and prepared to do the same, moving closer and closer to bringing our community back together again and do what we do best.

With an uncertain future for live theatre performances and assembly, we plan to sell tickets to our productions with the following considerations being made:

  1. All tickets will be sold as usual with guests selecting their desired seating for each person attending the show.

  2. All performances will be limited to just 25% of our occupancy being sold.

  3. Tickets are being sold with the hope that performances will be live and in-person but with the understanding that alternative options may be required should regulations not allow this to happen.

  4. Thirty days out from the opening night of each production, a decision will be made based on regulations at that time on how the performance will move forward whether it be in streaming format online, live in person in the theatre, or a combination of the two.

  5. When the time comes to present our productions live and in-person all social gathering protocol will be adhered to and any safety measures being taken will be noted in an email prior to arrival for the show.​

  6.  All our policies have been updated to reflect our current times and will apply to all new purchases.  The following are two key policies to be made aware of. The full list of policies can be found here.



If you cannot attend a show it is your responsibility to contact StoryBook no less than 2-HOURS PRIOR TO THE PERFORMANCE TIME.  We are happy to accommodate changes to tickets provided there is space and availability and it is not within the 2-hour window. 

A $1 per ticket charge will be applied for each and every approved change.


All Theatre Tickets and Theatre School Programs are non-refundable.


Tickets and Programming purchased between May 15, 2020, to June 30, 2021 (for the duration of the Season 44 Season) are made with the understanding that StoryBook will make every effort possible to present the programming purchased in a live format in which the purchaser can attend unless otherwise stated.  Live presentations are subject to the federal, provincial and municipal controls in place for social gatherings and StoryBook will uphold those regulations for the safety of its casts, crews, staff and patrons.  Should a live format presentation not be possible StoryBook will provide an alternative form for presentation and will notify the purchaser within 30 days of the scheduled purchased event of the change.  There will be no exchange, credit or refund when this occurs.


Should a scheduled show be cancelled for reasons beyond the control of StoryBook Theatre a consideration for credit on file will be made at the discretion of the organization.


Should a scheduled show be cancelled at the choice of StoryBook Theatre patrons will be given the option for exchange, credit, tax receipt or refund.

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