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2020/21 School Day Performances

We are so excited to be able to offer an option to schools and groups looking to entertain their classrooms, but this year we do it all online!!


Due to the restrictions placed on our programming by COVID19 we have opted to present our productions in an online format.  This means that any class could enjoy our show from the comfort of their own classroom.   No transportation to consider, no lunches to figure out, just click the link and enjoy the show!

CLASSROOM TICKET (1 code)       $75/class

SCHOOL PACKAGE  (5+ codes)   $250 + additional classes for $50/class

NOTE:  It could take up to 48 hours to receive your streaming code so please get your request in prior to the date you wish to view.


Any teacher or school group wishing to enjoy the show from the comfort of their own classroom is asked to complete the online form below to make a request for a "Classroom Ticket".

Each CLASSROOM TICKET provides the purchaser with:

  1. One access code for streaming the production at anytime the teacher/leader chooses until June 30th, 2021.

  2. Teacher Study Guide

  3. Once the viewing has started, you will have 48 hours to complete on the device it was started on

Each SCHOOL PACKAGE provides the purchaser with:

  1. Five access codes for streaming the production at anytime the teacher/leader chooses until June 30th, 2021.

  2. Option to purchase additional classes at $50/class

  3. Teacher Study Guide

  4. May purchase a maximum of 20 classes per school on one School Ticket, however, some exceptions can be made.

  5. Once the viewing has started on any code they will have 48 hours to complete on the device it was started on

*subject to change based on filming date completion.


Our pricing is designed to not only encourage classrooms to enjoy a show with ease during this difficult time, but we also hope it inspires your students and teachers to see more theatre when we are allowed to create and share in person.

Therefore, each single ticket code is intended for one classroom environment and while we can't regulate this we ask that you respect the intentions and understand we have already made major pricing adjustments in order to encourage schools to celebrate the arts.  In fact, our regular season pricing for school groups is would typically be up to $18 per student, plus the added cost of transportation, parent volunteers, etc.  With this in-class format, we have chosen to offer the production just a fraction of that cost and the convenience of doing it all in the school.

We encourage all groups, be it teachers, parent volunteers or anyone looking to present this production to review the scripts for any of our shows in their entirety.  We know that every group has a different threshold for language and topics reflected in our productions.  Please read the script for our 2020/21 Productions HERE.

Our shows are produced through licensing agreements that prohibit the change of any words or subject matter and therefore are presented in the way they were agreed to be performed.  StoryBook takes great care in selecting shows that are appropriate for our audiences and sets ratings in accordance with our shows.  Please read more about our rating HERE and please take note of the rating associated with your production found on each show info page.



Since we started offering our online productions, parents, teachers and donors have been asking how they can donate to allow their children's class.  Even better some have been asking how they can share this with other classes who may not be able to afford the chance to see the show. 

There are two ways to DONATE A SHOW

1. DONATE - click here

Make a donation to StoryBook Theatre under our CLASSROOM SHARING PROGRAM.  A donation of $75 will allow us to share the show with classes who simply cannot afford to purchase on their own.  The donation amount can be anything you wish and all the funds will be used to share the production with classrooms in our community looking for support.



Using the form above you can make a specific request to donate a show to class or school.  


Both options will off the same results and share the magic of theatre with students in classrooms all over.