The Paper Bag Princess a Musical

music, book & lyrics by JOE SLABE

based on the book by ROBERT MUNSCH

directed by VAL PEARSON

HEALTH & SAFETY NOTICE - StoryBook takes the safety of our cast and crew very seriously and worked closely with Alberta Health Services to create this show and became Theatre Cohort for the filming of this process.  Read more about our process here


With the continued effects of COVID-19, we have made the decision to continue to present our season in an online format.  All tickets purchased have been converted to VIEWING CODES.  A viewing code for each ticket purchased will be sent to all patrons at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled viewing.


As you may well know, Elizabeth and Ronald were the perfect couple. Elizabeth, a beautiful Princess and Ronald, a handsome Prince. End of story. Well that is until the Dragon soars in to heat things up. The Dragon wreaks havoc on their kingdom, leaving Elizabeth a smouldering mess, and Prince-less, as the Dragon took Ronald as a snack for later. Some might crumble and accept defeat, but not Elizabeth. She dusts off her charbroiled tiara and heads off on an epic journey to defeat the Dragon, and rescue her beloved Ronald. With help from friends along the way, clever wit, and a dose of quick thinking, this brave heroine saves the day, and Ronald. Although, with his attitude, she might just end up leaving him in the dungeon where he belongs!

Back by popular demand, based on "One of the Best Children's Books Ever Written" (New York Times), by Robert Munsch, StoryBook Theatre is thrilled to be able introduce this adventure to whole new audience! First published in 1980, written by famed Canadian author Robert Munsch, it is still one of the most popular children’s stories with over four million copies printed. At a time when gender stigma and stereotypes have become the forefront of conversations around the world, we are so excited to bring this story to life again. A young princess who utilizes resilience, resourcefulness, independence and compassion, this classic tale has become more than just a fun bedtime story. It is a poignant reminder of the ideals we want reflected in our society and championed by everyone!


April 9 to 25 2021


presented ONLINE


one-act musical, approx. 1 hour


$32.00 per viewing code


ages 3+


With our performance being online we will not have any relaxed performances for this show.  We hope everyone can enjoy how they want to from the comfort of their own space.


Flashing light effects, blacklight use, skeletons, magical illusions, contemporary songs, fire effects, projections, a dragon



Search for self-identity, gender roles,

social status, loss, courage, change, growth, resilience, resourcefulness, independence, imagination, leadership, team work, friendship

THE PAPER BAG PRINCESS clips from SBT's 2016 run

Elizabeth and her two handmaidens go on quite the brave adventure, to rescue Ronald from the fire-breathing Dragon!

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