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Professional Artist Development Programs

As part of our ongoing dedication to the community of artists who make StoryBook their home, we have programmed workshops designed to support and elevate these artists and continue to push them to their growing edge.   These workshops will provide artists of varying levels of skill sets a chance to hone in on their craft and really work at their artform.

One of the most talked about differences between Calgary and other urban theatre centres is "opportunity".  Unlike cities like Vancouver and Toronto, Calgary has a smaller amount of opportunities for artists to audition repeatedly and get better at doing it.  In fact, most artists in Calgary find themselves auditioned once or twice a year compared to their contemporaries in the larger urban centres who are doing it weekly.

The PAD Workshops and Masterclass series give Calgary artists a chance to work on their skillsets between opportunities and allow them to work safely without the pressure of trying to get THE job.

Click below to explore all of our upcoming opportunities for Professional Artist Development!

Offered September through June

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