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Group Rates for Streaming

So you want to watch the same show but can't be in the same place to do it?   KEEP READING!

Due to the restrictions placed on our programming by COVID19 we have opted to present our productions in an online format.  This means that all our shows this season are being presented online.  We have heard from many non-profit groups, Girl Guides, Scouts, Homeschool groups, etc, all looking to watch our shows but knowing that they cannot do this together were looking for a way to make it happen.

Working with our online streaming provider we have come up with the perfect solution!

NOTE: For-profit organizations should email us for more information regarding group bookings.

GROUP PRIVATE SCREENING for Non-Profit/Educational Groups

This option allows group leaders to select a date and time for the group to watch the show together from wherever each individual person may be.  This screening will be just like seeing a live show as it will start and stop as decided by group leaders.  There is no pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding with this option.

10 to 24 tickets        $22 per code
25 to 49 tickets       $20 per code
50+ tickets               $18 per code

GROUP SCREENING ON DEMAND for Non-Profit/Educational Groups
No matter the size of the group we have a streaming option for you.  All our group pricing starts at a minimum of 10 streaming codes.  Streaming codes may be used on any single device from anywhere in North America.  This option also allows each code to be viewed at any time. Once the code is activated the user has 48 to complete the screening.  This option allows the users to rewind, fast forward and pause if required.  The stream will NOT be simultaneous for each viewer as they choose when to start and stop.


10 to 24 tickets       $20 per code
25 to 49 tickets     
$18 per code
50+ tickets               $16 per code

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