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Celebrating the Extraordinary People in our community!

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little bit "EXTRA."

Jimmy Johnson

Nominate someone extraordinary for a chance to receive 4 tickets to an upcoming show in Season 47!

Both on and off the stage, StoryBook celebrates what it means to “Be Extraordinary.” We are proud to be part of a community full of people who go beyond the ordinary, in big and small ways. Individuals who are always willing to lend a hand, demonstrate generousity, and lead with their hearts to enrich the lives of those around them.


While those involved in the theatre community often see the spotlight of the stage, this season, StoryBook aims to shine a light on everyday Calgarians who actively demonstrate the difference between ordinary and extraordinary by providing just that little “extra” for those around them.

Nominate an "extraordinary" person in your life!

For every show in our 47th Season, we've reserved 4 seats - a way to honour those who give that little bit EXTRA and positively impact those around them!


Has your day been made a little bit brighter by someone in your life? Do you know an everyday hero who deserves some extra recognition? Nominate them for our Extraordinary Ticket Giveaway! For every show, we will choose one individual to receive 2 tickets to the production, and as a thank you for telling us their story, YOU will also receive 2 tickets to the same show!


Nominate someone today by filling out the form, and showcase the contributions they make to those around them! This ticket giveaway is open to all. 4 tickets per show will be awarded.


Nomination Form
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