We hope you are as excited as we are to get this process underway. 


As you can imagine, planning a season of in-person programming takes a great deal of work and the pandemic has not helped with that. 


With the rising cases of COVID19 and this week's announcements and updates, we are made some decisions that will impact how we conduct the callbacks this weekend.  While the province restrictions do not require us to make any changes, we have made the choice to limit the exposure to our team by breaking the callback process up into four groups and will be asking some of these groups to submit a video callback rather than attending in person.


We hope this does not dismay anyone from submitting as we do want to see everyone we had planned to see, the team and StoryBook feel that by limiting our exposure we can reduce and minimize the potential risks associated with larger groups of people.

Please click the link below to see which group you are in and follow the subsequent icon for the instructions for your group.