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Thank you for auditioning for StoryBook Theatre's season to inspire. We appreciate the time and passion put into each audition and are fortunate to have a wealth of talent involved in our community. 

Here is the breakdown for our Final Callback Session for the season for the musical NEWSIES.


If you are unable to attend auditions for any reason, you will be given an option to digitally submit the required callback materials, HOWEVER, attending in person is always preferred. 



People invited to callbacks will be asked to review the show-specific materials for each individual callback. Callbacks are an opportunity for the director and production team to get to know you and see where you might fit into a production. Be yourself and come prepared to be flexible and to play. 

What should I wear?

Come prepared to move for all callbacks. Please wear clothing that is comfortable and practical. You will tart the day dancing, so come prepared to sweat. Wear breathable clothing that you are comfortable dancing in. You are welcome to bring dance shoes; however, if you do not have them any comfortable athletic footwear is fine.


What should I bring?

Please bring your own refillable water bottle, there is a water fountain accessible in the lobby of the building. We also encourage you to bring snacks to help you through a busy day. You can also bring printed copies of the callback material as well as a pencil to make notes. We will have some copies of the material available but it is valuable to come with your own.

DO NOT BRING hard copies of your headshot and resume. We already have your audition submissions on hand and any headshots/resumes left with us will be recycled. 

If you are unable to attend auditions for any reason, please let us know.  IF the team decides they would like to see more from you they will reach out inviting you to submit the requested material. 

HOWEVER, attending in person is always preferred. 

Please review the CALLBACK LIST link located above.  There you will find a list of all those who are being seen for the show and which group you are in.  In the CALLBACK MATERIAL link, you will find a folder for each group and what you need to prepare.  Please review the list below to understand that order.  Note that at 12:50pm and 4pm folx will be released for the day and therefore may not be asked to present everything they prepared.


11am       - Welcome, Meet & Greet

11:20am  - Teach Dance Combo
11:50am  - Dance Combo Presentation
12:20pm - Tricks Presentation
12:30pm - Group Singing - CARRYING THE BANNER - m132-178

12:50pm - BREAK - at this time a list of those the team wishes to keep will be presented.

1pm         - Dance Combo Presentations
1:15pm     - Les Singing - WATCH WHAT HAPPENS REPRISE - m56 to end
1:30pm    - Jack Singing - SANTA FE - m68 to 118

2pm        - Katherine Singing - WATCH WHAT HAPPENS - m118 to end

2:45pm    - Davey Singing - SEIZE THE DAY - m21 to 37

3:15pm     - Crutchie Singing - LETTER FROM A REFUGEE - m29 to 57

3:30pm    - Metta Jack Singing - THAT'S RICH - m45 to end

3:45pm    - Pulitzer Jack Singing - THE BOTTOM LINE - m37 to end
4pm         - BREAK - select individuals will be asked to stay to read scenes

4:15pm     - Scenes with select individuals

6pm         - END OF DAY

What is a DANCE CALL?
A DANCE CALL is a chance for production teams to assess your movement ability and level. Performers will be led through different exercises to help gauge your level of movement experience and gain a better understanding of how you pick up choreography and work with others. If you are not a dancer by nature: DON'T PANIC. The best thing you can do is come with a positive attitude and be prepared to learn, grow and SWEAT!

What is a CALLBACK?
A callback is an invited second audition where the production team selects individuals that they'd like to see more of. At a callback, performers will be asked to review music and scenes from the production and work through them with other actors for the production team. Each callback will be a little different and no two person's callback experiences will be exactly alike. Come with an open mind and be prepared to listen and make changes with the production team. This is a chance to be yourself and show them how you fit into the show.

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REHEARSAL - 2:30 pm to 10pm

REHEARSAL - 6:30pm to 10:30pm

TECH REHEARSAL - 1pm to 11pm

TECH REHEARSAL - 5pm to 11pm


PERFORMANCES - 2pm & 7pm


PERFORMANCES - 10am & 7pm

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11am to 6pm

If your name is listed on the above callback list, please join the team of NEWSIES for a callback. Please review the required CALLBACK MATERIALS prior to the callback date. A perusal script and character breakdown are also available. Commitments for the production are listed below. If your availability has changed and you are no longer available for one or multiple dates, please inform a production associate at your callback so they can update your availability.