Actor Fee Consideration

We are committed to our emerging artists and giving them a platform to learn and grown.  Contracts ARE NOT offered to our performers in our shows.

We feel our actors are being given a chance to network and elevate themselves to their own next level of success.  We have made it our mandate to offer a quality production experience by engaging working theatre professionals to provide "on the job training" thus bridging the gap between the emerging and professional community.  We have seen the benefits of this setup and watched many of our actors move on to professional careers in theatre and film.

StoryBook should be considered an opportunity to learn and grow. Therefore, we put focus on our ability to provide an opportunity to our artists in a variety of ways, such as:

Free Professional Workshops 

Opportunities for growth and learning beyond production are few and far between.  Therefore, anyone cast in an SBT production will be invited to take part in what could be weekly FREE professional development workshops, like "accounting for artists", "improv", "how to ace a dance call", "audition workshops", to name a few.

Matinee Bursary

Once cast in a show, a drawback may be your need to take time off from your regular job in order to do our shows.  This could be evening or matinee productions.  If this is the case, you will be invited to submit a “Work Bursary Request" to support your wage loss. Each production will be limited to a select number of bursaries and submission for this bursary should not be contingent on your participation in a show.

We have a focus on supporting the emerging artists financially and making sure that StoryBook is a stepping stone in their theatre development and not simply a landing place. 


​Ultimately if you are auditioning with an idea or expectation of compensation beyond your personal growth, please understand that SBT is a learning environment where we want to push our artists forward to the stages beyond on our own.