StoryBook offers a raffle fundraiser for each of our shows.  All proceeds will go towards our theatre programming offering bursaries and scholarships to students like our Ellie Tims Project, which offers free piano, voice or dance lessons to students who otherwise cannot afford it.













March 16, 2020




1 for $5

3 for $10



1. Make your ticket purchase.   Although the purchase procedure is set up like a show it is in fact for the 50/50 Ticket Sales.

2. A running total of the combined 50/50 dollar value will be posted weekly on both Facebook and Website.

3. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox via email.

4.  Your confirmation will include your name and the ticket numbers you have purchased.

5. The draw will be held at the end of intermission on June 17, 2018 during the final production of the Ty Rex King of Third Grade at the Vertigo Studio

6. The winner will be contacted by phone and will be posted on our Facebook Page.




This raffle is subject to the rules and laws of the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission.  Please review the following rules and regulations for this draw.

1. Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to purchase tickets. Pursuant to the public Trustee Act, ticket buyers must not write the name of a person under the age of 18 on a ticket.

2. Ticket sales will only take place in the province of Alberta.

3. Tickets can be sold for cash, cheques, money order, and by debit and credit cards. Cheques and money orders shall be made payable to the StoryBook Theatre Society. Ticket stubs purchased by cheque and credit card will not be included in any draws until payment clears the bank

4. Employees, members of the Board of Directors of the StoryBook Theatre Society and their immediate families are not eligible to purchase Lottery Tickets.

5. There is no refund or exchange on Lottery Tickets.

6. No tax receipt will be issued for any portion of the price of a Lottery Ticket.

7. StoryBookTheatre Society has the right to publish the name and/or photographs of the winner.

8. Total Ticket Value - $10,000.00 for a total of 1000 Tickets 

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