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Congratulations on being invited to join us for our Season 48 Callbacks.

In order to participate, we require everyone to RSVP regardless of your attendance.  This way we can plan accordingly on how many people to expect.

RSVPs are due by Friday, June 14 at 6 pm

Each show has a specific list of callback materials for review.  Please select the show(s) you have been invited to join to determine what you are being asked to prepare.

We do not expect you to memorize any of these materials. Familiarize yourself with them, come with a positive attitude, and be ready to be the best version of yourself.

ALL FUNDRAISER INVITATIONS (Singers @ Sunset, MisCast and Top Secret Musical) have been sent out.  Those we are interested in including should have received an email but are not required to complete this page.  If you are on the list but did not get the email - CLICK HERE

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