2014-2015 Season to Imagine

Les Miserables: School Edition



Tuesdays to Saturdays at 7pm

Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm

RUNNING TIME: Two Act Musical - 120 minutes + Intermission


Set in early 19th-century France, it is the story of Jean Valjean, a French peasant, and his quest for redemption after serving nineteen years in jail for having stolen a loaf of bread for his starving sister’s child. Valjean decides to break his parole and start his life anew after a kindly bishop inspires him by a tremendous act of mercy, but he is relentlessly tracked down by a police inspector named Javert. Along the way, Valjean and a slew of characters are swept into a revolutionary period in France, where a group of young idealists make their last stand at a street barricade.


August 23 to September 12, 2014

directed by JPTHIBODEAU

musical direction by TARA LABERGE

choreographed by LAUREN THOMPSON



directed by KATHRYN SMITH


This one-man show re-imagines the classic tale of The Wizard of Oz. Now set in a retirement home, the character of “Dorothy” is played as an elderly man named Frank, who just wants to go home. In his quest to return home he meets Jackson, a loveable old man with dementia (who just needs a brain), Zoey, a crotchety battle axe (looking for some heart) and Jerome, an obsessive-compulsive who’s afraid of everything – everything with germs that is. Together with his three friends, Frank battles to escape the retirement home and free himself from the clutches of his evil, soon-to-be daughter-in-law.


StoryBook is proud to present this original Calgarian work featuring one of last season’s favorite actors, Neil James. Watching this one actor embody all of these characters will open everyone’s imagination to the possibilities of performance and the magic of storytelling.

Thursday to Saturdays at 7pm

Saturdays at 2pm

RUNNING TIME: One Act Musical - 55 minutes


The Wizard of One

Written by Amos Altman & Neil James   |  

Original Concept by Neil James

September 17 to 20, 2014

"One man bringing his imagination to life!"

Busytown is always buzzing with activity. But what do people do all day? That’s where Huckle Cat comes in—he’ll take us on a tour of his great neighborhood. And there is so much to see and do, so many wonderful friends to visit. Huckle shows us how Farmer Pig and Grocer Cat work together to bring food to the town. Construction Worker and his crew build new houses, and Firechief and the gang keep them safe. Isn’t it wonderful how everyone works together to keep Busytown busy?


Fridays at 7pm

Saturdays and Sundays at 11am, 2pm & 4:30pm

RUNNING TIME: One Act Musical - 55 minutes


Richard Scarry's Busytown

Lyrics by Kevin Klin g& Michael Koerner   |  Music by Micahel Koerner |

Adapted for the stage by Kevin Kling |

from the book "What Do People Do All Day" by Richard Scarry



October 3 to 25, 2014

"See the imagined world of Richard Scarry come alive!"

directed by PETER BALKWILL

musical direction by IAN ROBERTSON

choreographed by EDEN HILDEBRAND



"When you believe, great things can be imagined!"

directed by JPTHIBODEAU

musical direction by PATRICE BARNES

choreographed by LAUREN THOMPSON



Join Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael, and John in the high-flying timeless Broadway musical that will whisk you away to a place where dreams are born and no one ever grows up!


Based on J.M. Barrie's classic tale and featuring an unforgettable score by Morris "Moose" Charlap and Jule Styne with lyrics by Carolyn Leigh and Betty Comden and Adolph Green, PETER PAN is one of the most beloved and frequently performed family favorites of all time.


Peter and his mischievous fairy sidekick Tinkerbell visit the nursery of the Darling children late one night and with a sprinkle of pixie dust begin a magical journey across the stars that none of them will ever forget. In the adventure of a lifetime the travelers come face to face with a ticking crocodile, a fierce Indian tribe, a band of bungling pirates, and of course the villainous Captain Hook.



Tuesdays to Saturdays at 7pm

Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm

RUNNING TIME: Two Act Musical - 120 minutes + Intermission


Peter Pan the Musical

Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh   |  Music by Morris "Moose" Charlap |

Additional Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green  | Additional Music by Jule Styne |

Based on the play by Sir James M. Barrie 


November 28 to December 21, 2014

This adaptation of Tolkien's classic is a fast paced retelling of the tale of Bilbo Baggins, who positively loathed adventures, but one day found himself embroiled in the greatest adventure in the whole history of Middle Earth, in a search for dragon guarded gold. This critically acclaimed adaptation uses masks, puppetry and shadow play to create Tolkien's world of dwarves, dragons, trolls, elves, giant spiders, goblins and, of course, hobbits. Nominated for 2001 Chalmers Award for Outstanding New Play in the TYA Category.

Tuesdays to Saturdays at 7pm

Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm

RUNNING TIME: Two Act Play - 120 minutes + Intermission


The Hobbit

based on the book by J.R.R. Tolkien |

produced by permission of and under license from The Saul Zaentz Company dbs Tolkien Enterprises, Berkley, CA |

adapted for the stage by Kim Selody



February 6 to 21

directed by HAYSAM KADRI



"Let your imagination run wild with the journey that started it all."

Yesterday Allie was just a normal kid, but today she’s headed into outer space! With the help of her trusty talking dog Captain Chaos and Rover the Dancing Robot from Mars, Allie’s on a mission across the solar system to save Earth, and maybe learn some things about science along the way. But she’d better be home in time for dinner! Grab your space suit and get ready for an adventure that’s out of this world!


Fridays at 7pm

Saturdays and Sundays at 11am, 2pm & 4pm

RUNNING TIME: One Act Musical - 60 minutes


Awesome Allie First Kid Astronaut


Book by Scott Elmegreen |

Music and Lyrics by Drew Fornarola

March 6 to 21

directed by MIKE GRIFFIN

musical direction by STEVEN MORTON

choreographed by TRUUS VERKLEY



"One little girls imagination takes us all the way to outer space!"

Bridget and Stephen are on a sleepover at their grandmother’s house, but neither of them can sleep. So to pass the time, they decide to act out their favorite story with things found around the attic and clothes from the wardrobe. Soon what’s real and what’s imagined blur, and the children find themselves in the deep dark woods with a wolf tracking them down.


Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm

Saturdays and Sundays at 11am, 2pm & 4pm

RUNNING TIME: One Act Musical - 60 minutes


Red Riding Hood


written by Mike Kenny |

composed by Julian Butler

April 24 to May 9

directed by PAUL WELCH

musical direction by SUSAN LEXA



"An old favorite comes to life in the imagination of a brother and sister."

Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka


Book by Scott Elmegreen |

Music and Lyrics by Drew Fornarola

Tuesdays to Saturdays at 7pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm

Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm

UNNING TIME: One Act Musical -  120  minutes + Intermission


Roald Dahl's WILLY WONKA, featuring a memorable score by Leslie Bricusse (JEKYLL & HYDE, DOCTOR DOOLITTLE) and Anthony Newley, follows enigmatic candy manufacturer Willy Wonka as he stages a contest by hiding five golden tickets in five of his scrumptious candy bars. Whoever comes up with these tickets will win a free tour of the Wonka factory, as well as a lifetime supply of candy. Four of the five winning children are insufferable brats: the fifth is a likeable young lad named Charlie Bucket who takes the tour in the company of his equally amiable grandfather. The children must learn to follow Mr. Wonka's rules in the factory--or suffer the consequences.


directed by JP THIBODEAU

musical direction by PATRICE BARNES

choreographed by LAURA SOLILO



"A sweet story brought to life through pure imagination!"

May 22 to June 6


1. Buckskin And Chapperos

2. The Tale Of Peter Pitkin

3. A Season To Be Jolly

4. Surprises

5. Sergeant Pressforth And His Trusty Dog Ralph

6. Rumplestiltskin



7. The Old Woman And The Peddlar

8. Of Magic, Kings And Questing Beasts

9. A Puppet Prince

10. Riddle-Walkers

11. Jacob Two Two Meets The Hooded Fang

12. Androcles And The Lion



13. Toad Of Toad Hall

14. Shaman

15. Christmas At Creepy Castle

16. My Best Friend Is Twelve Feet High

17. The Cat Who Wished To Be A Man

18. Perseus



19. How Snowbird Learned to Fly

20. Wanda, The Littlest Wizard

21. Tom Sawyer

22. Ready, Steady, Go

23. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

24. Chinook



25. The Cat Princess

26. The Marvelous Adventures Of Tyl

27. The Popcorn Man

28. Bear Tales

29. Oliver



30. The Doomsday Buttons

31. Second Shepherd's Play

32. Cinderella

33. The Tinder Box

34. Mrs. Marvelous

35. The Children's Crusade

36. Dragon Dance



37. Names And Nicknames

38. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

39. Running

40. Red Riding Hood

41. Mirror Man

42. Step On A Crack



43. Don't Count Your Chickens Until They Cry Wolf

44. Dracula's Treasure

45. The Emperor's New Clothes

46. The Arkansaw Bear

47. Livin'De Life



48. The Ransom Of Red Chief

49. The Other Side Of The Pole

50. A Three Ring Puppet Show

51. Story Theatre

52. Sleeping Beauty



53. The Revenge Of The Space Pandas

54. Sinbad And The Mermaids

55. Stick With Molasses

56. The Ant And The Grasshopper

57. Do Your Ears Hang Low?



58. Tom Sawyer

59. Hansel And Gretel

60. Three Tales From Japan

61. Copetown City Kite Crisis

62. Winnie The Pooh



63. Annabelle Broom, The Unhappy Witch

64. Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp

65. The Three Bears

66. Ivan, A Salty Tale

67. Robin Hood



68. Rapunzel And The Witch

69. Cinderella

70. The Cat Princess

71. Jack And The Beanstalk

72. Peter Pan



73. Livin' De Life

74. Shaman

75. Treasure Island

76. King Of The Ice Cream Mountain

77. Jardy: A Musical Fairytale

78. Young King Arthur



79. The Mystery Of The Oak Island Treasure

80. Old King Cole

81. The Dancing Donkey

82. Raggedy Ann & Andy

83. Friends

84. Red Riding Hood



85. Puss In Boots

86. The Elves And The Shoemaker

87. A Little Bit Of Magic

88. Circus In The Wind

89. Avila Returns

90. The Emperor's New Clothes



91. The Frog Prince

92. Snow White

93. Monkey Magic

94. The Ugly Duckling

95. The Lost Land

96. Pecos Bill & Slue Foot Sue Meet The Dirty Dan Gang



97. The Adventures of a Bear called Paddington

98. Sleeping Beauty

99. Beauty And The Lonely Beast  

100. The House At Pooh Corner

101. Please Don't Sneeze

102. The Cookie Cabaret (Test Cabaret)103. The Golden Goose



104. Three Little Pigs

105. Babes in Toyland

106. Red Riding Hood

107. The Wizard of Oz

108. The Last Voyage of the Devil's Wheel

109. Charlotte's Web

110. Goldie Locks And The Three Bears

111. Ginger Bread Boy



112. The Princess & The Pea

113. Peter Pan

114. Stocking Stuffer Stories

115. Cinderella

116. The Bremen Town Muscians

117. Young King Arthur

118. Anne of Green Gables

119. Jack & The Beanstalk



120. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

121. The Emperor's New Clothes

122. Puss In Boots

123. The Nutcracker

124. You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

125. Raggedy Ann & Andy

126. Oliver

127. Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cat & The Fiddle



128. Alice in Wonderland

129. Aesop's Fables 

130. Snoopy

131. Hans Christmas Anderson

132. The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

133. Not So Grimm Fairy Tales

134. Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories

135. The Secret Garden



136. Robin Hood

137. The Three Musketeers

138. The Legendary Tales of NapMan & PillowHead

139. The Other Side Of The Pole

140. Jason & The Funky Fleece

141. The King Stag

142. The Bear That Stole the Chinook & Other Canadian Legends

143. The Wizard of Oz



144. A Little Bit Of Magic

145. The Prince & The Pauper

146. The Sorcerer's Apprentice

147. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

148. The Colour of Rainfilled Air

149. Pinocchio

150. The King of Ice Cream Mountain

151. Annie



152. Charlotte's Web

153. The Ant And The Grasshopper

154. The Three Bears

155. Peter Pan

156. Red Riding Hood

157. The Arkansaw Bear

158. The Bremen Town Muscians

159. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat



160. Mad Science - Fire & Ice

161. A Midsummer's Night Dream

162. Puss 'n Boots

163. The Elves And The Shoemaker

164. Aladdin  

165. The Emperor's New Clothes

166. Mad Science - Bang!

167. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

168. The Velveteen Rabbit

169. Anne of Green Gables



170. The Jungle Book

171. The Frog Prince

172. Old King Cole

173. The Hobbit

174. Mad Science - The Cryogenic Lab

175. The Ugly Duckling

176. Cinderella

177. The Adventures of Peter Cottontail

178. The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe



179. I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

180. The Mystery Of The Oak Island Treasure

181. Winnie the Pooh & The Birthday Tail

182. Santa's Christmas Tree

183. The Sound of Music

184. Mad Science - Presto!

185. Jack & The Beanstalk

186. Robyn Hood

187. Don't Count Your Chickens Until They Cry Wolf

188. Seussical, The Musical



189. Honk! The Ugly Duckling Musical

190. Red Riding Hood

191. Goldilocks And The Christmas Bears

192. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

193. Rumplestiltskin

194. Arthur - From Boy to King

195. The Three Little Pigs Out West

196. Mad Science - Kooky Kitchen

197. Disney's Beauty & The Beast



198. Annabelle Broom, The Unhappy Witch

199. Jacob Two Two Meets The Hooded Fang

200. The Magic Toyshop

201. A Year with Frog & Toad

202. Rapunzel  

203. The Pied Piper of Hamelin

204. Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible  No Good, Very Bad Day

205. Oliver



206. Dads! The Musical

207. The Emperor's New Clothes

208. Sleeping Beauty

209. Pookie Meets Santa Claus

210. The Sound of Music

211. The King of Ice Cream Mountain

212. East of the Sun, West of the Moon

213. The Velveteen Beaver

214. Disney's High School Musical



215. The Fisherman & His Wife

216. Harriet's Halloween Candy

217. A Dragon's Christmas

218. Cinderella

219. The Golden Pears

220. The Three Musketeers

221. Alexander, Who's Not, Not. Not, Not, Not, Not Going To Move

222. Disney's High School Musical 2



223. If You Give A Mouse a Cookie

224. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

225. The Other Side Of The Pole

226. Seymour the Stegasaurus

227. The Revenge Of The Space Pandas

228. The Littlest Pirate

229. You're a Good Man Charlie Brown



230. Once Upon A Lilypad

231. The Princess & The Pea

232. The Dragon Knight

233. Annie

234. Les Miserables (Student Edition)

235. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat



236. Bumbles' Big Christmas Adventure

237. Munsch Ado About Nothing

238. Pinkalicious: The Musical

239. Anne of Green Gables

240. The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

241. Little Women

242. Avenue Q



243. White Christmas

244. Rapunzel, Rapunzel: A Very Hairy Fairy Tale

245. Disney's Camp Rock: The Musical

246. Freckleface Strawberry

247. Hairspray

248. The Last Five Years


2013-2014 - Season to Believe

249. The New Canadian Kid

250. Captain Louie

251. Big The Musical

252. Cat in the Hat

253. James and the Giant Peach

254. Flat Stanley

255. Shrek: The Musical 


2014-2015 - Season to Imagine

256. Les Miserables (Student Edition)

257. Wizard of One

258. Busytown the Musical

259. Peter Pan the Musical

260. The Hobbit

261. Awesome Allie: First Kid Astornaut

262. Red Riding Hood

263. Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka



2015-2016 - Season to Dream

264. Rent: Student Edition
265. Cinderella: A Tale of the Glass Slipper

266. A Christmas Story: The Musical

267. Lord of the Flies

268. The Paper Bag Princess: a Musical

269. Goodnight Moon the Musical

270. Complete Works of 
William Shakespeare (Abridged)
271. The Little Mermaid


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